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All our products are inspected and halal certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada (IFANCC).
This independent certification agency has a global presence and certifies halal products in more than 50 countries. For more information about this organization, we invite you to visit their website: http://www.ifancc.org/

To consult or download our halal certification document, click here 

But what is halal ? The Arabic word halal means permissible. The halal concerns different aspects of a muslim life and the diet is one of them.

For meat to be halal, the following requirements/restrictions apply.

Regarding hygiene ;

  • Do not consume carrion. The animal has to be slaughtered alive according the Islamic protocole.
  • After the slaughter, the animal is drained of blood, which carries with it germs that may cause infections.
  • The slaughter has to be done in a clean and adapted environment.

Regarding respect of the animal life and the environment :

  • You can’t mistreat the animal during the breeding or during the slaughter.
  • You can’t slaughter an animal in front of another animal to avoid unnecessary stress.
  • You can’t kill an animal for another reason than to feed yourself. That’s why it’s important to pronounce, before the slaughter: "Bismillah Allahou Akbar", which means in the name of God, the greatest.


  • Meat of animals that are killed in the name of anyone other than Allah (God).
  • Consumption of animals that die without human interference, blood and pork meats (and its derivatives).
  • Lawful animals not slaughtered according to Islamic rites. (Fish is exempt from slaughtering).
  • Carnivorous animals and animals with fangs such as tigers, lions, cats, dogs etc.
  • Birds that have talons with which they catch their prey such as owls, eagles, etc.
  • Land animals without external ears.
  • Meat of animals that were strangled or beaten to death.
  • Animals killed in a manner which prevents their blood from being fully drained from their bodies;
  • Reptiles, snakes, crocodiles, mules and donkeys
  • Insects excluding locusts
  • Alcohol and foods prepared with alcohol